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 portable cold storage Rental of refrigerated containers and refrigerated trailers 

Offering a wide range of units with variable temperature controls ranging from -15 F to +75 F, units can be positioned inside or outside, on the ground or at loading dock height.  Our up-to-date rental fleet features clean, quiet, reliable electric equipment, with many units less than five years old, providing environmentally friendly, ozone-safe refrigeration and eliminating refueling and oil spills.  Many of our larger units feature high-strength, hard wearing floors capable of withstanding fork lift trucks. 

Portable Cold Storage units are appropriate for many industries and applications including supermarkets, fast food chains, food processors, caterers, exhibitions and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our units are also an economical solution to expansion projects, seasonal demands, renovations and new product developments.  Your long or short-term rental requires no capital investment.

Portable Cold Storage Inc. is committed to providing reliable, quality refrigerated cold storage units, and superior customer service.  Whether you need 20' or 40' Ground Units, 45' Refrigerated Trailers with roll-up doors, or 

Walk-in-Coolers/Freezers on Wheels, our knowledgeable sales and technical staff are ready to answer any questions you may have. 






Rental of Refrigerated Containers And Refrigerated Trailers